This facility has been credited exclusively  for a niche segment of our Society-Doctors and  Chartered accounts. This is available at very attractive interest rates.

Quality of this Product:

  • This is a Unsecured cash loan with no security/collateral/guarantor required.
  • It can be used for professional/ Business expansions like Hospital/ Nursing Homes/Clinics, managing quick working capital gaps, immediate funds requirement to honor your Business contracts. Besides it can also be used for Personal uses. However should not  be used for any personal purposes, speculative and illegal purposes.
  • Eligibility is being calculated basis your current level of income and obligations, the health of your Balance sheets, Bank statements, past credit history and current obligation levels. Multipliers are higher here as compared to normal Unsecured loans.
  • Loan amount ranges from 1 lacs to 75 lacs
  • Very attractive Rate of interest starting 11% p.a. and minimal processing fees.
  • Minimal Foreclosure charge
  • Flexible loan tenures available from 1-5years
  • A simple EMI based loan
  • You can avail this facility within 7-8 working days from all leading Banks and NBFC’s subject to availability of complete documents.
  • Try out the ‘Balance Transfer Option’ to get rid of high Interest current EMI’s and get slash up to 2% on interest rates on your current loan.