1. Photograph
  2. Identity proof
  3. Address proof
  4. Income proof
  5. Bank Statements
  6. Continuity Proof
  7. Qualification proof (applicable only for Self Employed Professionals)
  8. Income proof of salaried employees are payslips and bank statements

IDENTITY PROOF ( any one of the following) :

  • Copy of PAN Card
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Driving Licence
  • Copy of Aadhaar card
  • Copy of Voter ID card

ADDRESS PROOF( any one of the following) :

  • Copy of Passport (Can also be used as proof of identity)
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Copy of Driving licence
  • Copy of Voter ID card



  • Copy of latest three salary slips
  • Copy of appointment letter or Form No. 16 indicating proof of continuity in employment
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months


  • Copy of last two year IT returns along with computation of income, Balance sheet and Profit & Loss a/c , audited reports ( in case of audited financials)
  • CA certified financials ( in case of unaudited financials)
  • Bank statements of last six months of the main business banking

In addition, there are some other common documents related to the Collateral based loans like LAP, Home loan which  are also required :

  • Original title deeds of the property that is being offered as collateral to loan.
  • Property tax receipt.
  • NOC from society to create mortgage of the property.