LAP is an amazing tool to procure funds for business expansion if the quantum of loan is high. Secured by characteristic, you can leverage your property and enjoy the true value of your property. LAP can be benefitted in either as a term loan (EMI based loan) or as an Over draft (interest to be charged on the utilized amount). With LAP one enjoys high value loan at a lower rate of interest by securing the property as collateral.

Quality of the product:

  • This Loan helps in consolidation of high cost Debts, availing works capital limits to manage Business. Funds can also be used for Personal use other than speculative and illegal usage, that’s why its termed as Secured Personal loan as well.
  • Your existing Residential, commercial or Indutrial properties can be mortgaged for these facilities
  • Special properties like School, Colleges, Hospitals, Guest houses etc. can also be considered.
  • The property financed is being mortgaged with the Lender.
  • Eligibility is being calculated basis the health of your Balance sheets, Bank statements, current obligation levels and of course your credit history.
  • Borrower Can Avail Tax Benefits in their financials through deduction of interest cost.
  • Income Of Family Members Can Be Clubbed For Higher Loan
  • Loan amount upto 75 Cr.
  • Loan amount is restricted to 70% of the Property value subject to income eligibility
  • The property should be legally and technically clear.
  • The property should be approved by Banks/NBFC
  • Rate of interest starting 8% p.a. and minimal processing fees.
  • Flexible loan tenures available of upto 15 years.
  • Product variants: Available in 2 variants or in combination of EMI based Term loans and limit based facility ( Drop line overdraft) where interest is being charged only on utilised amount.
  • You can avail this facility within 15-20 working days from all leading Banks and NBFC’s subject to availability of complete documents.
  • Try out the ‘Balance Transfer Option’ to get rid of high Interest current EMI’s and get slash up to 2% on interest rates on your current loan.

One more variant of Secured loan is LRD-Lease rental discounting where you can leverage your commercial /industrial properties leased out for fixed monthly rentals to reputed Lesses. Banks discount these rentals for evaluating your loan eligibility and get these rentals credited in a escrow account. This is the best way to leverage your property as well as your income.